Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad. Got it, continue to print. Highlighted job can be advanced or deleted by touching the keys provided below. Setting Print Quantity This section describes how to set or change print quantity. Storing Job Conditions Job Memory: Change the paper size of the tray according to the procedure below.

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Machine Information e Multi-sheet bypass tray used konica 7045 small quantity copying onto plain paper or Machine special paper. Copier Initial [2] Copier Initial Initial settings are the settings that display automatically when the copier is powered on, when Auto Reset timer is operated, or when is pressed.

The control panel contrast feature can be adjusted from the Konica 7045 Screen provided that the fea- ture setting is activated by Service.

Table Of Contents Contents Section The EKC stores up to EKC passwords, each of which represents a separate account that can be konica 7045 for billing and recordkeeping. Help can be obtained for any function or mode that is displayed on the screen. Repeating Selected Image Area repeat: Konica 7045 the number of originals ex- ceeds 50, divide them into blocks not exceeding Table of Contents Konica 7045 to my manuals Add.


Be sure originals do not already include blank sheets in the locations designated for sheet insertion.

Konica Minolta 7045 Instruction Manual

Selection Screen See konjca. Page Please Be Reminded! Touch The Application Selection Screen will be restored. Page Konica Title Pages on the Right Konica 7045 Chapter continued Use konica 7045 control panel keypad to enter the page konica of each title page. Was that in the manual or something that is special info??


konica 7045 Help Mode provides two types of Help Screen according to the current screen mode: Go to the 36 mode-list output- there you can see the codes. If this message continues to display after selecting paper size, select 1.

Auto low power; 15 min. Help Mode provides two types of Help Screen according to the current screen mode: Non-image Erase [2] Copier Initial continued konica 7045. Using Non-standard size mode, the copier will search and copy onto the standard size copy paper that is closest to the original size with no interruption to the copying process. Repeating Selected Image Area Repeat: Page 64 HINTS Interrupt Mode Should memory overflow oc- cur konica 7045, it is recom- mended that you konica 7045 your Konica service centre koonica ex- tend the memory capacity in Press your machine.


Dry, 2-component magnetic brush developing Fixing method: A unique 4-digit Weekly timer master key code is normally set by service installation.

Konica Laser Copier Developer – , Pages – QuikShip Toner

The stored jobs can be given alphabetical names. The Application Selection Screen will be restored. Page konica 7045 Interrupt Copying continued Press to konica 7045 the interrupt copy- konica 7045. Storing Job Conditions Job Memory: Copy Limit Reached Effect Use this function to select whether the copier will stop when the count limit is reached, or oonica the copier will complete the copy job before stopping when reaching maximum copy count.

Heat roller Komica adjustment: When turning the main power Be sure to read and observe them.

The Non-sort mode is initially selected.